This is a pretty big deal! The first ever exhibition dedicated to how Vincent Van Gogh's artwork was introduced in the U.S., will be displayed in Michigan, and Michigan only.

The exhibition will display 68 works by Van Gogh, illustrating the efforts made by early promoters of his art—including the artist’s family—in America.

These works include paintings, drawings, prints, and an illustrated letter from Van Gogh.

Even though, he had already had notoriety it took about 20 years before he got his own solo exhibition in the U.S. Van Gogh in America will tell the story of that and America's understanding and acceptance of his work.

There's actually a reason why Michigan, specifically the DIA, was chosen. In 1922, it became the first public museum in the U.S. to purchase a Van Gogh painting.

The exhibit will go from Sun, Jun 21, 2020 — Sun, Sep 27, 2020. Cost is still TBD.

Side note, did you know that Van Gogh only sold one painting (The Red Vineyard) while he was alive?

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