Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Grand Rapids, and the Ford Museum on Friday, and Jennifer Pascua went right to him to ask him about the recent statements made by newspapers about his viability as president. Today on Segment 16, the guys react to the video.

The Trump was visiting the Ford Museum, and says he has great respect for Gerald Ford, and that it's a beautiful museum. He didn't seem to know about Artprize, but seriously, how could you really expect someone not from around her to know about Artprize?

"We have a lot of respect for Gerald Ford, we always have. ... He was a very good person and a great human being -- a very good leader, and very loyal to this area.

"He loved this location."

via WZZM13

Okay, art freaks know, but most other people don't know. Probably don't care.

When Jennifer saw him and asked about his feelings on USA Today's non-endorsement of him, he responded like you'd expect him to:

"Well, I don't read USA TODAY. It's not much of a newspaper as far as I'm concerned. ... All I know is we're leading in the polls, we're doing well, we have the pulse of the nation."

via WZZM13

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