Universal is taking some tips from Marvel, and they've got an entire universe of monster movies planned over the next several years.  They're taking all their classic monsters: Dracula, the Mummy, Werewolf, and Frankenstein, and rebooting them all in a new series of films!  Yes!

The (sort of) first one is the new movie Dracula Untold, that's out at Celebration Cinemas right now.

The actual beginning of the new Universal Universe will be the Mummy reboot coming in 2016...so, I guess this new Dracula origin story is almost like a teaser for the whole thing.

They're working out an entire connected storyline for all the famous beasties, including the Invisible Man, too!

For all us horror-lovers out there, this could hopefully become as cool a thing as the whole comics universes have become.  Regular releases of iconic horror monsters, updated, and HOPEFULLY scary as hell!

If I see another sparkly vampire series start up, I think I'm going to open a vein...pun intended.  No more happy vampires that just want to be in love with some plastic-faced moron, and make stupid babies that get into illegal relationships with much older werewolves or WTF-ever that stupid series of books and movies did.

Just brutal.  That's how I want my monsters.  Brutal and scary.

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