Get your fishing license and your trout stamp because this weekend season's begin for a variety of Michigan's game fish.

It is time to get your poles ready and sort out that tackle box because Saturday, April 24 inland trout and salmon along with Lower Peninsula inland walleye and northern pike all begin.

We are lucky here in West Michigan to be so close to so many rivers, creeks and inland lakes that hold a variety of game fish that are highly sought after by Michigan and even out of state anglers.

According to the Department of Natural Resources your 2021 fishing license became available as of April 1.

According to MLive, a lot of Michigan's game fish seasons start at different times but this Saturday trout and salmon fishing opens up throughout the entire state. You may see some cars parked by some of the smaller streams and rivers with anglers breaking out the fly rods in order to have something ready for the frying pan.

One thing I love about living in Newaygo County is that there is something in season all year long. It seems like when one season is done another kicks off and it is great. My son is already begging me to get out this weekend so if the weather is right that will be our mission.

My son is really wanting to get a northern pike this year. We have fished for them before but I have been the only one to haul any in. I found a lake last winter where I caught several pike on my little ice fishing pole so that will be a target lake for sure.

Northern pike and walleye season kicks of in the Lower Peninsula inland waters this weekend and I know of a couple spots we may have to hit for some of those tasty walleye.

If you are a bass fisherman, you are going to have to wait until Saturday, May 29 to start keeping largemouth and smallmouth bass but you can always catch and release for fun until then.

I found a good crappie spot last winter and that may be something on the radar for this weekend or next and soon the big gills should be showing up.

Make sure when fishing whatever species you are after to refer to the 2021 Michigan Fishing Guide, there are so many rules for different spots in Michigan and they seem to change a little each year.

Get out and fish, its good for the soul and if you have kids, let the memories begin.

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