If you missed it, a Shields Health Care ad aired after the Super Bowl featuring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady showing off his FIVE championship rings.  Now obviously, this commercial was shot BEFORE the Super Bowl, while Brady was the proud owner of only four Super Bowl rings.  So it's a good thing the Pats won!

In the ad, a Shields rep has Brady remove all his jewelry and place it in a locker.  So, he takes off four rings.  She asks if that's all, and he says "Actually, no, I forgot this one.  It's kind of new."  She says they're going to need to get him a bigger locker, to which Brady replies, "Roger that!"

That's clearly aimed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the guy who suspended him for four games for the whole DeflateGate scandal.  It's an updated version of a previous ad where Brady says, "That's all...for now."

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