I had no idea how awesome August 16th is! It's National Tell a Joke Day AND National Rum Day. Who knows how it got decided that today would be the official day for those two things... but I'm for it. I enjoy  jokes and also rum!

Now, I know rum can get a bad rap. It's too sweet, it's girly, real drinkers drink whiskey or gin, bla bla bla. Well, today I say whatever to that. I love rum. And it is, after all, rum's own special day. So, we should celebrate. With cocktails, of course. Here are my favorite rum drinks:


1. Captain and Diet

I know. You're like, "Um, that's that's not even a recipe. That's two ingredients put together." You are correct. However, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Diet Coke was the first drink I took to after my "I just turned 21 and want to try every drink on the planet that is pretty colors and ridiculous" phase. It became my drink. And it still is. So back off. It's awesome.

It's basically a rum margarita: Captain Morgan, orange curacao, and lemon sour. Yum.

Yes it's fruity. One might sneer and call it girly. But, can anyone deny that it is delicious? That's what I thought. So grab a blender and toss in: ice, strawberries, light rum, and lime juice.

Rum is the ultimate ingredient in any sort of summery tropical drink. As a person who loves the beach and will grab a bottle of tanning oil in the winter and take a big whiff just to feel joy again, this drink is right up my alley: Amaretto, coconut rum, orange juice, and grenadine.

There are about a thousand different recipes for rum punch. That's what great about it: as long as you have rum, fruit, juice, and whatever else you want to throw in, you're good. And probably on your way to being pretty drunk.





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