Spooky season is nearly upon us! And there's an event coming up that sounds super fun and super creepy.

If  you love ghost stories and exploring possibly-haunted venues, this experience is for you.

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The Haunted Tavern: A Dark Pop up Experience is coming to Grand Rapids this fall.

Organizers say the event "allows guests to explore one of the most haunted venues in Grand Rapids while sipping on themed cocktails and listening to dark, chilling tales."


You'll step into a 4-part interactive cocktail experience run by the descendants of Ichabod Crane and it sounds like a ghost that haunts the residence will make an appearance!

The Haunted Tavern is August 24 through 26, 2023. When purchasing tickets, you'll pick tickets for either 6p.m., 8p.m., or 10p.m. Tickets are $55. The experience is an hour and a half. Entry for one included four signature cocktails.

So what's "one of the most haunted venues in Grand Rapids"? The Haunted Tavern is taking place at The Sweet House 254 Fulton St E.


Here's more on The Sweet House:

This Italianate mansion was built in the mid-1860s by Martin Sweet for him and his family, wife Desdemona Sweet and their three children Mattie, Cassius, and Frank... Martin was a man of limitless energy with a profound business sense and a vision to make Grand Rapids the best place to live. He began by purchasing a flour mill and was the leading merchant in the area for years. He was active in city government, serving on numerous boards, commissions, and councils. In 1860 he was elected mayor of Grand Rapids and served only one term by his own request.

You can find out more on The Sweet House here.

Tickets and more info on The Haunted Tavern: A Dark Cocktail Experience here.

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