It's time to throw away your silly selfie-stick. No, really, I'm not just saying that to be mean to people with selfie-sticks. I have one, but I've yet to use it for a selfie. It helps get the phone higher up for above photos, which I haven't done much of, but still. Now, there's a new toy for all the selfie-people, it's the Hover Flying Camera from Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics.

All you have to do is turn it on, open it up, and let go, and the drone will lock on to your face and follow you around automatically!

It does 4K video, and 13 megapixel photos, and will float around in front of you, tracking your face and body, so it can keep you in the shot!

You can even control it with your phone, to set up whatever shot you want, transfer the photos or video right to your phone, or just fly it around and freak out that jumpy girl in the next cubicle!

That's probably what I would use it for mostly, sneaking up on people and making them jump.

Wait, come to think of it...imagine the PORN you can create with this new automatic camera! It only lasts about seven minutes, but that just means you'll have five extra minutes to fly it around afterwards! Hahahaha!

Take your selfie game to the next level, with technology! Can you imagine a bunch of people at the next Mega80's show with selfie drones flying into each other? Hahahaha

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