Looking for a Sign to Get a Nintendo Switch? Look No Further!
No gaming console has blown me away like the Nintendo Switch has. The console itself isn’t the only thing that’s versatile – the game selection for Switch is bigger than ever with new releases from old standbys like Mario and Zelda to new fun third party games! Check out our list of must-haves!
Throw Out Your Selfie-Stick for the New Hover Selfie Drone [Video]
It's time to throw away your silly selfie-stick. No, really, I'm not just saying that to be mean to people with selfie-sticks. I have one, but I've yet to use it for a selfie. It helps get the phone higher up for above photos, which I haven't done much of, but still. Now, there's a new toy for all the selfie-people, it's the Hover Flying Camera from Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics.

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