There are apps to give you food and apps to give you rides, but this app lets YOU give something to help someone else: your eyesight.

It's called "Be My Eyes" and it is has helped TONS of people worldwide.

The founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, is a Danish furniture-maker with impaired vision. He struggled with completing daily tasks when a blind friend mentioned he gets help from his relatives via video chats, and thus the idea was born.

The app allows someone to make a request for help and connects the user with a volunteer (who also has the app). From there a video call begins, help is administered, and on both strangers go with their day.

Anything from helping someone pick out the right color shirt, to directing to an aisle in a store, Be My Eyes aids the visually impaired in completing daily tasks -- what a cool idea!

Below is a video of Hans speaking about his app during a Tedx talk in Copenhagen

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