A man who collapsed onto the tracks at a New York City subway station can thank three Good Samaritans for saving his life.

Witness Sumeja Tulic took video of the harrowing scene and described what happened to Gothamist:

Few minutes before the train arrived, a man in his late 50s/early 60s fell on the subway tracks. Without hesitation, 3 men jumped on the subway track and pulled him out. The man was unconscious and bleeding."

The next train was only two stops away, so the men were racing against the clock. "“It was nerve-racking to know that the train was coming,” Ms. Tulic told the New York Times. “Will it stop? Will they succeed to pull him out?”

All the men managed to get back onto the platform in time (it's important to note officials urge people not to jump onto the track to rescue someone). The man who initially fell was taken to a hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

One of the men who saved him has been identified as David Tirado, who told Gothamist, "I heard a girl just scream out, 'Oh my God! A man just fell over on the tracks!' And basically I just jumped straight in."

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