Today, the guys cover a lot of ground on Segment 16 again, from Justin's work ethic, to the Lions cheerleaders, to a new downtown Meijer coming, murals, and listener emails about murder attempts. Pay attention, and try to follow THAT thread!

The guys are a bit nervous about this Friday's live show, as Justin will be the only adult in the room, and the potential for network apologies is high. Consider yourself warned.

Then, Free Beer brings up the auditions for the new Lions' cheerleaders happening in a couple weeks. The cheerleading team is said to potentially "look a bit different" than the ones for other teams. What exactly does that mean?

The guys are all excited about the new Meijer coming downtown, but not so excited about any of the murals around town.

There's also an update from the girl that wrote in about a "friend" attempting to get her to kill the friend's grandmother. The story goes on, and gets more interesting and crazy as it goes. The "friend" should be locked up...sounds loony.

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