If you've been looking for a beach cottage or house near the beach, this could be the "find of the year" for you.  It's an old church that has been converted into a house, but the best part is, it comes with a private beach area on Lake Michigan.

The "Church House" as I've named it, sits on just about a quarter of an acre in Coloma, Michigan, and while not ON the beach, it's only three blocks from Lake Michigan, where if you're the homeowner, you have a "deeded private Lake Michigan Beach access area." While the lake may not be right outside the front door, you know you'll always have your own space when you get there.

The former church, which was built in 1927,  looks really good on the outside and has plenty of space on the inside, 2,372 sq. ft. to be exact.  And if you found someone like Chip and Johanna Gaines or Bryan and Sarah Baeumler to come in reconfigure the layout to utilize all the space, you'd be set.

The house is listed at $250,000, which remember, includes your private Lake Michigan beach area!

Let's take a look:

CHECK IT OUT: This 'Church House' Comes With A Private Beach on Lake Michigan

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