Who doesn't love tacos?! But how much are you willing to pay for some top-notch tacos?

There are people right here in Michigan who are doing so; specifically at M Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Dearborn. So what makes a taco $60? According to WXYZ Detroit this taco consists of

...seared American Wagyu beef, foie gras, caviar and black truffles. It also has ice plant leaves and salt from Hawaii.

And let's not forget about the roasted grasshoppers to add that crunch factor you're looking for.

The chef of M Cantina told the Detroit Free Press that not only does he want to do something different so people get an authentic and diverse taste of Mexican cuisine but he also wants to break the stereotype that Mexican food means cheap food.

There is a catch though with these tacos. You must call ahead to order and you have to get three of them. So yes, that means you'll be paying $180 for three tacos!

If grasshoppers aren't really your thing though, the restaurant does offer a variety of other food including tacos, tapas, and tortas, for much less money and they have 4.9 stars out of 5 so you know they're doing something right!

Would you try these tacos? What's the most you would pay for some good tacos?

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