This stunning home in Fenton is understandably out of reach for many, with its price tag of $2.5 million. But as an Airbnb? Well, now you're talking.

Buy or Rent

We shared pictures of this remarkable Fenton home earlier this year when it went up for sale. Now, the owners have decided to make it available as a short-term rental on Airbnb.

Sure, there may be a handful of homes available for rent on beautiful Lake Fenton, and some may be a little bit cheaper. But a vacation rental on its very own private peninsula and with all these amenities is a home-away-from-home splurge that's worth the price of admission.

Even the home's address - 2210 Island Shore Dr. - evokes a private island vibe. The home sits on nearly two acres and it's almost completely surrounded by Lake Fenton. And if a private beach and 500 feet of pristine shoreline aren't enough, there's also a gorgeous pool and hot tub.

Just Steps From the Pool

There are four beautiful bedrooms and you'll never step out of bed onto a cold floor, thanks to the built-in heating elements in the master bedroom. There are also four bathrooms (pictured below), a great room, and a spacious three-car garage.

The hot tub and pool are just steps away from the master suite which is located on the main floor. There's also a fire pit, an outdoor TV area, and a basketball hoop.

Take a look at this Fenton Oasis in the pics below.


This Fenton Home Sits on its Very Own Private Peninsula

A stunning home on Lake Fenton sits on its very own private peninsula. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom house features lots of nice touches like heated floors in the master suite - which is just steps away from the pool and hot tub.

The $2.5 million price tag is hefty, but wait til you see the pictures and the views.

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