Even though I'm a die-hard summer-lover (It's not over yet! Fall doesn't officially start until Sept. 22!), I have to admit there are some things about fall that aren't so bad... Apple picking is one them!

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Growing up in Southwest Michigan, it was a fall tradition in my family to head to an orchard (usually Crane's or Jollay) to pick some apples, go on a hayride, and of course, stuff our faces with yummy cider donuts!

Robinette's, Facebook
Robinette's, Facebook

While I'm glad to see at least one Michigan orchard in USA Today's 10 Best Reader's  Poll ranking the best orchards in the country, I think there should be a whole lot more! Particularly from West Michigan!

What's the Michigan orchard that's being highlighted among twenty U.S. orchards picked by a panel of experts?

Spicer Orchards in Fenton.

Spicer Orchards, Facebook
Spicer Orchards, Facebook

Here's USA Today's praise for the metro-Flint-area orchard,

At Spicer Orchards, wagons take visitors into the orchards to pick apples and berries. The fall season also means hot apple cider and cider donuts, wine tastings and a children’s playground. A Harvest Festival in mid-September features a craft fair and antique tractors.

Not that it doesn't sound great - it does! I particularly love the wine-tasting aspect. I've not been, but it sounds like a cool place!

If you'd like to show some home-state love for Spicer Orchards, you can vote once per day for the orchard here through Sept. 12 at noon. The Top Ten winning orchards will be announced on 10Best on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Where's your favorite spot to go apple picking in the fall?

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