It's every stereotype you were told about Michigan's regions since you were a kid. You know -- all they do in Grand Rapids is make furniture, everyone in Holland wears Dutch clothing and picks tulips, and Canada is home to evil scientists. (Wait. WHAT!!?)

While most of these stereotypes about Michigan are no longer true, if they ever were, this map brings you back to a simpler time when you wanted to believe that Native Americans canoed to shore in the UP, people in Bay City shoveled salt for a living and trappers in Canada checked the sex of every beaver they found in their traps.

Okay, our view of Canada on this map is WAY off base.

I really don't understand why there's a mad scientist in Sault Ste. Marie, but there is. Maybe he's just hiding in America's attic.

The map is credited to the artist Jacques Lizou from 1946 and was sold in gift shops throughout the state.

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

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