I'm not a huge rollercoaster person. I don't mind them, but I really don't have a burning desire to ride them, either. The hot girl in this video REALLY loved rollercoasters, but probably isn't such a huge fan of them now, after this ride with her boyfriend.

He is completely terrified of this ride, which is okay, even though this doesn't seem like a super crazy one. He's freaking out the entire time, screaming, "I don't want to do this!" Even while in the middle of the ride, when it's already way too late.

Then, he makes a big mistake. She's hot, he's kind of dorky.

He dumps her, mid-ride.

It takes her a little bit to realize he's done the dumping, and that he's done it in the middle of what should be a fun ride for her (as opposed to the sex, which couldn't be that fun with him), and she gets understandably pissed off.

I wish she would have hit him. That would have been great.

Whatever your name is, girl, call me. I love you.