Calling all entrepreneurs!

The popular, Emmy-winning reality TV show, Shark Tank, will be holding a casting call in Michigan.

Do you have an idea or business that you think will be the next best thing but need a little help from the sharks to get the word out? The casting call will be held at the Hope Conference Center in Detroit on Friday, May 5th.

At the casting call you will be given one minute to pitch your idea. Unlike what you see on TV, you will not have a chance to impress Mr. Wonderful right then and there. You have to go through a casting agent prior to moving on to the next step. Think of this as your audition. The website states:

Come prepared to wow and dazzle us"

Remember you only have one minute so give them the best of what you've got! Also, make sure to arrive early! Lots and lots of people are expected to show up so if you want a guaranteed spot, be one of the first 500 people in line. Interviews will begin at 10 a.m.

Prior to the casting call you must fill out an application form and bring it with you on May 5th.

As of right now, Detroit is the only city in Michigan that the show is holding a casting call in but if it means getting your (potentially) million-dollar+ idea in front of the sharks, the drive is well worth it.

You can find more info about the casting call here.

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