Remember when the first COVID-19 lockdown was only supposed to last two weeks? Yeah, well we're almost at the two year mark of it spreading around the world now, and we still don't see a concrete end in sight.

Honestly, 2020 and 2021 have really felt like one super long, crappy year for a lot of us. Despite the new variants and spikes in COVID cases, things were slightly better throughout 2021, though. We've started to adapt more to the "new normal." While still frustrating and scary at times, the shock factor has worn off a bit. But just like we highlighted some of the good things that happened in 2020 last December, we want to do the same now in order to spread some positivity.

Concerts were finally able to take place, and whether the venues required certain safety protocols or not, it's still a step forward. A lot of the huge U.S. rock and metal festivals happened in the fall. Some bands released their first album in a long time. Some bands released albums that placed high in the mainstream charts. So much great music came out in general, which has provided an escape for many.

No one knows what 2022 holds, but we've made it this far. Scroll through the images below to see 10 things that didn't suck about 2021.

10 Things That Didn't Suck About 2021

It wasn't so bad.

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