There are many interesting and uniquely crafted guitars out there, but are you ready for the "Durst Burst"? Yes, the Limp Bizkit frontman's red-cap era visage now adorns a guitar, and the creator of the instrument has now shared video of the first time he was able to meet Fred Durst and present him with his creation.

The guitar comes from Chibson USA, with founder Jason USA now sharing a video detailing where the inspiration came from and his quest to eventually unite the instrument with its muse. As you can see in a social post shared below, the idea for the "Durst Burst" has been kicking around since 2018, with the company going so far as to create their own ad spots about it.

The initial social media shared by Chibson USA even earned a "two broccoli emoji" comment from Durst himself, according to the video explaining the guitar's journey.

In the video, Jason USA claims the idea for the "Durst Burst" guitar came to him on a dream he had on Nov. 30, 2018. Upon waking up, he had the words engrained in his brain, and soon he set out to engrain Durst's visage on the grains of a maple wood cap of a solid body guitar.

He then says that after spotting Durst's commentary in his social post, he took that as a sign that he should continue with his mission and the creation of the guitar was underway with the hopes of eventually sharing it with his muse.

"But with no way to get the instrument in front of Fred, it would be nearly impossible for me to carry out my mission. Until, exactly one year from the Durst Burst's inception, my personal assistant Ashton called me to tell me that had won two tickets to see Limp Bizkit perform at an intimate show at Roxy, in the heart of Hollywood, California," recalled Jason. "Once the show concluded, Ashton and myself would finally have our chance to meet up with Fred on the patio of the fabled Rainbow Bar & Grill. It would be here that Fred would finally get to see the Durst Burst up close."

Jason recalls, "Taken aback by the iconic instrument, Fred asked me if this was some type of a deeply-layered attempt at trolling. I did not have the heart to tell him that the whole idea had come to me in a dream and that I believe that the concept was something cosmic and bigger than the both of us."

"It was in that moment that I felt compelled to give the guitar to Fred as a gift," he adds. "I remember him staring at the instrument for a moment, and then he confided with me about the image on the Durst Burst, explaining that the baseball cap persona which so many people would both love and hate was simply Fred's take on an antagonistic Andy Kaufman bad guy wrestler persona, mixed with some Tony Clifton-isms for good measure, a secret that not many would know, let alone understand."

Having given Durst the original "Durst Burst," Jason USA then had a replica of the instrument made. You can watch video and get a closer look at Durst being introduced to the "Durst Burst" guitar below, and check out one of Chibson USA's guitar spots from 2020 as well.

Fred Durst Comes Face to "Face" With Chibson USA's "Durst Burst" Guitar

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