With all the negativity and BS going on in the world, sometimes all you need is a simple video to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

And these otters at the John Ball Zoo playing with a pumpkin will do just that!

Frederik Meijer Gardens posted the video to their Facebook on Tuesday afternoon and you see a pumpkin being thrown into the water where the otters swim and it's pure joy after that. Maybe it's their cuteness or maybe their innocence (or both) that makes this video so great but either way it's a much needed smile. Plus, I wish I got this much of a kick out of a pumpkin.

Now it's time for a much needed visit to the John Ball Zoo to say hello to the otters!

And a shout out to Frederik Meijer Gardens for making great use out of their fall decor once the season is over. It's a part of the zoo's enrichment program and these otters are obviously great at recycling!

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