The Detroit Lions are about to take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game!

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Lions fans around the country are preparing in their own way - and so are ACTUAL lions.

Maybe you are cooking up a game day feast, meeting up with friends at the bar, or wearing your fave Lions gear (or not, because you didn't wear it the last two playoffs games and they won those, sooooo... #superstitions) - What we are all doing is praying to the football gods that the Lions crush the 49ers and will head to their first ever Super Bowl!

A lion at John Ball Zoo is also getting ready for the game!

John Ball Zoo, Instagram
John Ball Zoo, Instagram

The Grand Rapids Zoo shared a video to Instagram in which resident lion, Abena, rips into a cardboard version of a 49ers helmet.

The caption reads: "Abena is showing her support all the way from Grand Rapids by taking down a 49ers helmet. Let's go Loins #OnePride #AllGritPlayoffs". Abena isn't the only big cat in Michigan supporting her pride! Lions at the Detroit Zoo have also been in on the excitement!  

In the above Instagram video, watch Asha, Amirah and Binti rush for the “gold” – AKA animal-friendly enrichment items containing safe scents, herbs and spices! The Detroit Zoo says,

The animal care staff had fun playing off the 49ers name, which refers to the California gold rush of 1849 – and we love bringing you animal AND history facts here at the DZS 😊 Now, it’s time for the Lions to make some history of their own. GO LIONS!

And here were the Detroit Zoo Lions prior to the Lions win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!




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