As a woman, I've always thought it was strange that guys just pull it out and pee next to each other at public urinals. I think I'd always opt for a stall, but I'm told that's not always an option. Yikes.

So yeah. If I were a dude, I'd probably need this pee cape to protect me from peekers at a urinal.

According to the Huffington Post, this is a real thing. It's called the Privi-Pee, from online bathroom retailer Plumbworld. It's basically a cape you wear that suction cups to the wall on either side of the urinal. Conveniently, it rolls up and fits into a back up.

Thomas Mulrooney, a Plumbworld marketing assistant, told The Huffington Post,

"The idea was based on a survey .... We found that 75 percent of male respondents said they would rather use a toilet cubicle/stall if a urinal adjacent to a free one was already occupied. Thirty percent said they got ‘stage fright’ when trying to urinate next to someone, which means that they couldn’t urinate at all."

And thus, the Privi-Pee was born.

Check out photos of the urination cape here. Pretty ridiculous, right? Apparently Mulrooney realizes that, saying,

"We’re not sure when we’ll sell them yet, but we’re thinking about it being some sort of funny novelty product."

Um, yeah, you think?

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