Do you recognize this dude?

Police say he peed on a bunch of snacks at a gas station in Mt. Pleasant over the weekend. 

A. Gross

B. Also, what a waste of good chips.

According to The Morning Sun, the incident was caught on security camera at the Shell Station on the corner of Mission and Broomfield around 2 a.m. Saturday.

A dark haired man, approximately 18-25, wearing a long sleeved white shirt, walks down an aisle, and appears to relieve himself on a rack of snacks.

Afterward, he points to his the floor, apparently quite proud of his puddle, laughs to his friend and then leaves.

I know it was St. Patty's Day weekend... but c'mon man, you deprived other drunk folks of good snacks! Also-- ewww.

A female store clerk reported the incident to police. It's estimated about $100 in damage was caused.

Mt. Pleasant police are asking anyone with info on the alleged urinator to call the tip line at 989-779-9111.

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