Yet another shortage will be affecting Michiganders this year and this one might change the way you commute to work.

As the snowy season quickly approaches, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced that there is a shortage of snowplow and salt truck drivers. The shortage is the worst the state has seen in decades and could affect snow removal service for much of the state.

This winter is expected to be wetter than normal, and that could lead to a lot of snow. But, MDOT says that no matter what, major freeways will get plowed. They say that snowplow and salt trucks from around the state will be dispatched to areas where snowstorms hit the hardest. But, in the case of a major snowstorm that covers most of the state, there very well could be some delays in clearing the snow, especially on side streets.

MDOT says that the it's hard for them to compete with the private sector because they often offer higher wages and better benefits.

But, this shortage isn't all bad, it could mean a new career for people who are looking for good paying jobs. According to an article by The Detroit Free Press, "MDOT snowplow wages range from $20-$26 an hour for eight-hour shifts with up to four hours of overtime." And that wage could increase if the shortage continues. Driving a snowplow or salt truck does require a commercial driver's license and might require some previous experience.

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