Saturday, September 17th, Townsquare Media and Ionia Free Fair hosted The World's Largest Food Truck Rally at the Ionia Free Fairgrounds. Thank you to all the amazing people who came out to enjoy a huge variety of great foods, drinks, desserts...we are still stuffed 24 hours later!

Scores of food trucks rolled into Ionia Free Fair, opened their windows and began cooking food. There was great Cajun, BBQ, pizza, Hibachi, ice cream, shaved ice, beer, hot dogs, gyros, Mexican, many different things to try out.

The best part, you weren't distracted from all the amazing food be people trying to get on a lame ride, haha!

It was all about the food!

We're looking forward to bringing back The World's Largest Food Truck Rally next year, and we look forward to seeing you there again, and thanks to you for coming, and for all the amazing food trucks for feeding everyone!

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