If you watched the Super Bowl LV you might have noticed a Jeep commercial. The spot featured Bruce Springsteen and at the end, a map of the US. However, something was missing. Just gone. Not there!

Another major company has misplaced The Upper Peninsula. Half of Michigan was not there. Like it never existed. Hey Jeep, (based in Auburn Hills, MI)...The UP is NOT part of Canada!

On Monday, Jeep released this statement,

“The image of the United States depicted in the commercial is one taken from an actual stone marker which sits on one of the locations filmed in Kansas, which represents the ‘geographical center of the continguous 48 states’. While the image’s intent was to serve only as symbolic reference for the “the middle” of the country, the wider message of the commercial is intended as inspirational and inclusive for all Americans, including our family, friends and neighbors living in the Upper Peninsula.”


Why is this so confusing? In 2019, Mountain Dew launched an entire advertising campaign placing the UP in Wisconsin?  Fox News did the same thing.


"Let’s meet in the middle, the middle of the UP.
Michiganders love Jeeps and the U.P. has some of the best ORV terrain around.


Eric commented on Twitter,

"Have you formed a committee to determine who would receive the Jeeps? I would like to submit an early application."

It took 12 years to create this commercial. 12 years to convince Bruce to do it. With that much time, perhaps a correct map was in order. If you missed the commercial, just like Jeep missed the UP, here it is:

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