I have never had my team in the Super Bowl my entire life but Super Bowl 56 felt like the closest I'll ever get so the game was so much more intense for me and maybe you too.

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I have been a lifelong Detroit Lions fan since I was a child. My dad and I have supported the team forever only to be disappointed time and time again. When the next season would roll around, both my dad and I get back on board in hopes this year will be better.

My dad and I always thought former Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford was good enough to win the Super Bowl. He really is one of the NFL's great quarterbacks but he never had the complete team around him to get to the big dance. Sure there have been some great players like Calvin "Megatron" Johnson but never really a great defense or offensive line. Stafford probably knows more about the roof of Ford Field than the guys who built it since he spent a lot of time looking up at it after getting sacked.

I have watched Stafford's entire pro football career and yes most of the games this year with the Los Angeles Rams. I couldn't help but be curious and follow the guy I have watched and believed in the past 12 years.

With the Lions never being in the Super Bowl, all the years I have watched there has never been any stress or anxiety because I never had anything invested in the game. I have to tell you, watching Super Bowl 56 was the most stressful Super Bowl I have ever watched. At times it was like watching a Lions game because of some of the calls that went against the Rams like the face mask that got overlooked by the referee's in the first half that led to a Bengals touchdown.

Plus the Rams gave up the lead late in the game, something all of us Lions fans know a lot about. I went through a lot of emotions yesterday hoping Stafford would finally win the Super Bowl. I was happy, excited, nervous, disappointed, mad, and thrilled throughout the four quarters of the game.

I had seen Stafford make a lot of fourth-quarter comebacks while at the Lions and even a few this year with the Rams and once again in the Super Bowl.

All previous Super Bowls I just watched and hoped for a good game with the score changing back and forth and getting down to the last play to get a winner. I got that yesterday but it was so stressful because I wanted Stafford to win so bad.

It was a great Super Bowl but it was a very different feeling like this is the closest the Lions would ever get even though they didn't play. Even writing this down seems a bit sad and pathetic but Stafford got it done and I am so happy for him.

If Stafford continues to play for the Rams, I will continue to keep an eye on him and the team.

You better believe when the Lions come back later this year, I will put my heart soul into the season like I do every year, and hopefully, there are more positive games than disappointments. Although, after yesterday's game, I hope I can handle the stress if the Lions actually get into the playoffs and Super Bowl someday.

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