I'm not sure how I feel about this remake of 'Big Trouble in Little China'. I like Dwayne Johnson, I think he was hysterical in 'Pain and Gain'. He's made some... interesting film choices... like 'Tooth Fairy', but some amazing movies, too. You know you love him. 'The Rundown' is a great movie.

But 'Big Trouble in Little China' is a masterwork of action and hilarity. Kurt Russell was at his best when he did this Jack Burton in this movie, James Hong was the perfect David Lo Pan, Kim Cattrall was super hot, and Victor Wong will always be Egg Shen!

That's what made the original movie so good, it was cast so perfectly! Everyone fit their roles perfectly, they were all fantastic in the movie, and everything was shot and edited well. This is as close to perfectly done as anything out there.

The dialog between the good guys and David Lo Pan was witty, quick, and really funny, without being ridiculous attempts at schlocky jokes. It was a conversation between genuinely funny people, hitting all the plot points, and not just showing off their improv skills.

Now the movie is being remade, with Dwayne Johnson in the role of Jack Burton. He's expressed desire to have the original director, John Carpenter, involved with the new movie, to keep the fans happy, but Mr. Carpenter has retired, and pretty much just watched sports and plays video games all day.

The director said he'd do it if they paid him a buttload of cash. Apparently they did for the remake of 'The Fog'. He didn't really do anything but hang out while they made it, but it gave the film some credibility with the fans, since the master was there.

Carpenter didn't write the original movie, nor does he own the rights to the movie, so he really doesn't have any f***s to give about the remake.

I'm not holding out hope that it will be an amazing remake, but as long as they don't rely on too much CGI, pop culture BS, and actually have seen the original before making a movie that doesn't understand any of the elements that made the first so good, I'll check it out and give it a chance.

Will you?

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