Fun Segment 16 today, as the guys put their legal knowledge to the test, determining the viability of a Grand Rapids lawsuit. A woman is suing Jimmy John's for not removing mayo and Dijon mustard from her sandwich, and she had a bad allergic reaction. Who's to blame?

Seriously, if you have an allergy, you should ALWAYS check your food before just chomping down on something. It seems irresponsible to trust someone else to look out for your health. Especially someone you don't know who just makes sandwiches.

Then, some vandals in Cedar Springs stole some things honoring a veteran, and the community is pissed. It's more than just the things stolen, it's the lack of respect. Whoever you are, find a way to get the stuff back where it needs to be, and then go hide out for a few years.

Oh, and learn to not be a douche.

The guys begin their plot to become the Scooby Gang, and kidnap some vandals.

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