It has become painfully apparent over the years that most Americans cannot grasp the idea that a state can consist of two disconnected parts.

The time has come to admit either defeat or accept the fact that most of the rest of the United States doesn't 'get' us. As in that we are proudly two separate peninsulas that form one state.

Even in this day and age of smart phones and instant access to maps and GPS and all sorts of other things that could easily clear up the misconception, Americans can't get over the fact that the Upper Peninsula IS Michigan.

We've been split up, the U.P. dissolved, disappeared, made to look weird and we've been called Wisconsin and now, Canada.

Unless I missed the news that the U.P. seceded from the Union and joined Canada, the latest slight popped up last night on FOX News' Sean Hannity show.


I give up. Maybe we should ask for Toledo back.

No, they'd probably screw that up, too.

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