Summertime in Grand Rapids is cool on Thursdays with the food trucks that park in front of the GRAM downtown. Since that's right outside the studios, it's really fun to run down and grab some food from something different than the restaurants here. But Artprize Seven has really kicked that up a couple notches!

Welcome to the BOB parking lot, with something like TEN FOOD TRUCKS EVERY DAY!

There's all kinds of stuff down there, including deep fried everything, pizza, sandwiches, Mexican food, BBQ, gelato, frozen yogurt...there's even the cool shipping container bar called Containment that comes out every year!

This year's Artprize is already better than last year's just because there's a bunch of amazing food right downstairs! I am bummed that they don't really get going until about 4pm, but that means when I get out of work, I can nip down and try something new!

I'm not much of an art person. I love music, and I don't really understand the whole "this trash in the tree represents" what-the-f-ever junk. It's trash in a tree, dude. Stop trying to make it sound deeper than it is.

But when someone presents you with an amazing sandwich, that represents happiness to pretty much everyone. Everyone. What more could you want from life, but a little bit of happiness?

Have some delicious food, enjoy the crazy art...downtown GR is fun right now.

(photo Johnnie Walker)