When you're a kid, you do dumb things. It happens to everyone. It's because when you're a kid, your brain is still a little soft and you're not capable of thinking things through completely before acting.  That's exactly what happened with this 14-year-old from Virginia.

While walking down the hallway at school last month, 14-year-old Aliya May saw one of her former teachers and decided that it would be a good idea to throw a leftover baby carrot at the teacher. The carrot struck the teacher in the forehead.

So what's the proper punishment for that "crime?" Suspended for a couple of days? Maybe detention for a week? Sounds about right.

But, Aliya has been out of school for over a MONTH while all of this gets sorted out. Aliya could now be charged with assault and battery for the carrot toss.

She's awaiting a summons to find out if there is enough evidence to find her guilty of this "crime."