Stephen Fry Hilariously Reads "You Have to F****** Eat"
Bizarre children's stories read by intelligent actors is becoming the new craze.  Especially stories for kids that have a s***load of swearing in them!
The last one that went crazy was LeVar Burton reading "Go the F*** to Sleep", and it was great.
It's only topped by British comic actor Step…
8 Year Old Japanese Girl Shreds The Guitar
Check out this kid! Unbelievable. How can a little 8 year old have so much musical talent when there are 28 year old people like me with none? haha, watch this video and you'll see what I mean!
Little Girl Reacts Hilariously To A Splinter
I have always been a baby when it comes to things that hurt, or things I think may hurt. I don't think I ever reacted quite like this kid though. Watch this video of this little girl sing a song from frozen while her mom tries to get a splinter out... The most dramatic version of, "D…