Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story from Fox 17 about a kid who became a hero when he saw a small child face-down in a hotel swimming pool and jumped in to save him. Then the guys still can't decide who's batting at tonight's Loser Home Run Derby.

In Mount Pleasant, a Muskegon boy attending a wrestling camp went into the pool room to fetch some clothes he'd left behind, when he saw a small child floating face-down, jumped in, and pulled the boy from the water. He attracted an adult who performed CPR on the child, and they saved the child's life!

Then, the guys talk about tonight's Loser Home Run Derby, and they still can't decide who's going to be team captains for the event, and then get sidetracked talking about calling Hot Wings "daddy", and making fun of his inability to arrive on time for things.

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