Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Makes Young ‘Iron Man’ Fan an Honorary Avenger
We all remember Batkid, aka Miles Scott, the young boy suffering from cancer who got to fulfill his dream of being Batman for a day thanks to the help of the city of San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish foundation. The charitable organization has helped to make another ailing kid's superhero dreams come true, transforming nine-year-old Iron Man fan Domenic Pace into Iron Boy — and he's even been endorsed by Robert Downey Jr. himself.
Check Out This Cool Short Clip from ‘The Avengers 2′ Movie [Video]
I'm really starting to get excited for the "Avengers 2" movie coming in May.   I really liked the first one (Hulk stole the show), and so far all the trailers and peeks at the new one look equally amazing! Check out this sneaked video from a Marvel event, with Iron Man and Captain America. It starts off as just a dialog scene, but you know they can't let that go on too long before someon
The U.S. Army is Working on an Actual Iron Man Suit for Soldiers!
According to the Army Times, the U.S. Special Operations Command is actively working on a powered full-body armor suit for soldiers! Adm. William McRaven, chief of U.S. Special Operations Command, said his team is in the final stages of procuring prototypes for the first-of-its-kind suit that will fully cover a service member with ballistic protection and also have internal displays to provide int