According to the Army Times, the U.S. Special Operations Command is actively working on a powered full-body armor suit for soldiers!

Adm. William McRaven, chief of U.S. Special Operations Command, said his team is in the final stages of procuring prototypes for the first-of-its-kind suit that will fully cover a service member with ballistic protection and also have internal displays to provide intelligence and communications.

via ArmyTimes

The first three prototype suits, called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light-Operator Suit), should be delivered in June for evaluation.  The goal is to get final suits into the field by 2018.

Okay, so they work a little slower than Tony Stark, but just the fact that they're working on it kicks a lot of ass.

The problem seems to be the power source, that will power all the displays in the suit, that will not only be tactical, but monitor the user's heart rate and vital signs.  It could even provide some basic emergency medical care, if needed.  Basically, it'll stick band-aids on little things and tell you to get your ass back to base for anything bigger.

Hopefully they can get these issues worked out!  It would be pretty cool to see a bunch of Iron Men flying...okay, maybe running around!

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