We all remember Batkid, aka Miles Scott, the young boy suffering from cancer who got to fulfill his dream of being Batman for a day thanks to the help of the city of San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish foundation. The charitable organization has helped to make another ailing kid's superhero dreams come true, transforming nine-year-old Iron Man fan Domenic Pace into Iron Boy — and he's even been endorsed by Robert Downey Jr. himself.

As reported by Today, Pace is suffering from cystic fibrosis, and asked Make-A-Wish Australia to grant his wish to become Iron Man for a day. World, meet Iron Boy, who just became an honorary Avenger thanks to Robert Downey Jr.:

Iron Boy saves SydneyThe wish of a seriously-ill nine-year-old boy has come true – he’s been declared a superhero for a day, carrying out a vital rescue mission and saving the city of Sydney from dangerous villains.New South Wales Police and the children’s charity, Make-A-Wish Australia, today joined forces, with the blessing of the Walt Disney Company Australia, to fulfil the dreams of “Domenic”, a schoolboy from Bringelly in Sydney’s south-west, who suffers from the life-threatening illness, Cystic Fibrosis.Around 9am this morning, Domenic received an urgent call for assistance from senior police and was flown by police helicopter from a suburban Sydney park to a busy Operations Centre at Police Headquarters, Parramatta.It was there he transformed into the superhero, “Iron Boy,” and was tasked with rescuing “Make-A-Wish” reporter, Hope Joy, from the clutches of villainous henchmen at a secret hideout.Police used Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats or RHIBs to ferry the nine-year-old and his family at speed to Clark Island on Sydney Harbour to carry out the rescue.Iron Boy was then called upon to battle his arch nemesis, “Ultron,” on the steps of the Sydney Opera House before handing him over to police.Domenic’s 12-year-old brother, Joseph, played the role of Iron Boy’s Marvel Comics sidekick, “War –Machine,” aka “Colonel Rhodes.”New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, commended Domenic’s courage during a special medal presentation.“On behalf of a grateful Police Force and indeed the people of Sydney, I would like to thank Domenic for his tremendous efforts today,” Commissioner Scipione said.“It can’t be easy dealing with an illness like his and we feel privileged to be able to work with Make-A-Wish Australia to ensure his wish to be a famous superhero came true,” he added.“It also allows the Police Force to express its community-mindedness and sensitive side; and I hope we have made Domenic’s day.“It was also my great honour to present Domenic, or should I say “Iron Boy,” with a special acknowledgement, a Commissioner’s Award for Gallantry.“Not only has Domenic battled villains and saved his city, he’s stared down his illness and won the day.”

Posted by NSW Police Force on Thursday, February 11, 2016

And here's his special video message from Iron Man:

A special message from Tony StarkWe didn't think today could get any better for our newest Super Hero #IronBoyAU, But then he received this amazing message:

Posted by Make-A-Wish Australia on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

With the help of the New South Wales police force, Pace donned his Iron Man costume and defeated the evil Ultron at the Sydney Opera House, rescued a reporter and received the Medal of Valor for saving the wold from destruction like a good Avenger. According to his mom, Pace is such a fan of Iron Man that at one point he would only answer to the name "Tony."

Pace wasn't alone, as he had help from his older brother, 12-year-old Joseph, in the role of Colonel Rhodes aka War Machine:

How's that for some heartwarming news on this Valentine's Day?

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