A new trailer for Captain America: Civil War debuted during yesterday's Super Bowl, and although the trailer provided almost no new information on the movie's plot/subplots, it was definitely full of tense action shots.

The chanting in the background of the trailer is prime for a Super Bowl debut, mimicking the group chant-cheers that are so often a part of live sporting events and posing a similarity to that other highly successful superhero movie trailer with a lot of chanting (if a superhero movie with chanting in the trailer/soundtrack is the sign of a good movie, I'm 100% ok with that).

Most of the clips early on in the trailer are pretty much portraits of the various heroes in the film. Here's Captain America, there's Bucky, oh look it's the Falcon, etc. etc. But the snippet of Iron Man putting armor on his hand just in time to block Bucky's point-blank gunshot is absolutely unexpected and stunning.

And we get a nice shot of Scarlett Johansson's butt! I mean, oh wow, look at those exploding trucks at the German airport, those sure are snazzy.

The action certainly ramps up throughout the trailer, ending on a clip showing which heroes are on Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

Most importantly though: Team Captain America has 6 heroes, while Team Iron Man only has 5. This can only mean one thing: SPIDER-MAN WILL ARRIVE TO EVEN THINGS OUT!

Also, that's Black Panther standing with Iron Man, not Venom, or Spider-Man, or what-have-you.