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2-Month-Old Michigan Baby Says "Hello" [Video]
A baby from Michigan is already a viral sensation and he can't even speak yet. Sort of.
Samantha Jones, of Jackson, was taking a Snapchat video of her 2-month-old son, Christian, for her friend. In the video, Samantha is telling her son to say "hello" to Amber...
Behold! The 3 Man Scooter Crash [Video]
Scooters are deceivingly dangerous. The name "scooter" itself seems to lay claim that it only scoots. These contraptions are deadly enough when a single idiot sits at the helm. Add two more passengers and you've got yourself and amazing display of idiocy! Behold the wonders of…
WGRD Office Dodgeball [Video]
Any of you guys ever feel like drilling your boss in the face with a dodgeball? Well, that's exactly what I did! JT WAS NOT happy when I unsuspectingly drilled him with a dodgeball in the office today! This one had to hurt!
Underwater Hockey Gaining Popularity [VIDEO]
Created by British SCUBA instructors in 1954 as a training exercise for swimming with fins, underwater hockey (also called “Octopush”) is an aquatic team sport that resembles knock hockey, only on a much larger, much wetter scale. Though the paddle and puck are simila…