Well one of the ways you know spring is here is by the amount of geese you start to see and they're already causing problems at Eastern Michigan University.

Campus police posted a video on their Instagram page of someone being attacked by a goose in a parking lot.

As you can see the student was just minding their own business when the goose came out of nowhere and attacked! Am I horrible for cracking up at this video? Yes. But I've also been chased by a goose before and it's definitely scary in the moment but hilarious when you think about it.

However, geese are no joke in Michigan. According to ClickOnDetroit, the population of Canadian geese, in the state, is over 300,000 in the spring time. If you've had any experience with geese than you should know that they aren't nice creatures but they're especially aggressive when nesting.

This past February, a park in Jackson County voted to ship out 500 geese because of a poop problem.

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