There's a great band from Sweden called Sabaton, and I really love this band. They sing about history and wars, and they put on one hell of a show. I have some video from their show at the Intersection from last year below. They also drink, like you'd expect a Swedish band to do.

They drink a lot.

And they also make bets with each other while drunk, apparently. The other night, after a gig I guess, the singer, Joakim Brodén, got pretty drunk and made a bet with his bandmates. The loser had to walk to the next show.

Unfortunately for Joakim, he lost. And even more unfortunately, the next gig is 323 miles away. So the poor singer has been hoofing it for a couple days, and has quite a way to go.

He's getting food and shelter with some fans, which is freaking cool, but he still has to walk north to Trondheim, Norway, from Falun, Sweden. Not in good walking shoes, but he picked up some running shoes after the first day, so he's in better shape.