Sabaton, in case you don't know them, is a great Swedish metal band that writes songs about famous wars and battles.  They're a really high-energy live band, and seem like a bunch of fun, crazy drinking Swedes.  You gotta love that.  They were one of the bands on the Iron Maiden show last September at the Battle San Bernardino, with Testament, Megadeth, and more.

The band loves to do strange and unconventional things on tour, like in this video.  They're rocking a spinning class at a gym with a live performance.

While spinning right along with everyone else!  Enjoy.

BTW...these guys are going to destroy at The Intersection here in Grand Rapids with Iced Earth and Delain on April 4th, so make sure you head out to see some great metal!  I'll be there, for sure!

Sabaton 2013
Sabaton at the Battle of San Bernardino (photo John Walker)

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