On Friday, a federal judge in Grand Rapids ruled that indoor gyms don't have to follow the Governor's most recent executive order and can now reopen on June 25.

Just a day before, Governor Whitmer extended the state of emergency which would've kept gyms closed until July. According to Judge Paul Maloney the state's attorneys did not provide sufficient evidence to back their claims that gyms are a high-risk place for COVID-19 transmission. Per WOOD-TV, Judge Maloney said

When asked what data, science, or even rationale supports the continued closure of indoor gyms, Defendants presented nothing beyond ‘trust us, they’re still dangerous.'

With that, the judge ruled against the order and stated all indoor gyms can reopen on June 25 at 12:01 a.m. if they wish. And when they reopen, they must follow the health requirements outlined by the state.

A spokesperson for Governor Whitmer told WOOD-TV that they disagree with the decision and the court is "playing a dangerous role it should not play." They also said they plan to appeal the ruling to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to WOOD-TV, the Kent County Health Department deemed gyms as high-risk for COVID-19 spread.

The full opinion made by the Judge can be seen here.

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Part of Governor Whitmer extending the state of emergency through July 16 means that best practices need to continue to be followed such as social distancing, certain requirements for food establishments, and everyone having to continue to wear a mask when shopping.

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