A gym in Redondo Beach, California has reopened with the added feature of 'pods' for gym-goers to exercise safely in...but they kind of look like plastic cages, right?

In addition to these new pods, gym-goers will also have their temperatures checked when they arrive and there will be hand washing stations located throughout the gym.

Capacity of the gym will be limited to nine people at a time.

The pods will also be sanitized between each use. And hopefully they'll be sanitized by staff since people who go to the gym can't even be bothered to wipe their sweat off of the equipment that they just used most of the time.

The pods aren't the most sophisticated structures, but they'll get the job done. Instead of constructing them out of plexiglass (which would be pretty expensive), the gym put together their pods using clear shower curtains and pipes.

In addition to the safety precautions laid out above, personal trainers will also be wearing masks and will be maintaining social distancing.

Would you work out in one of these pods?

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