Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story from WOODTV, about a Kalamazoo cold case, where a private detective might have screwed over his client when trying to prove his innocence. The dick then went on to marry the convict's ex-wife...hmmm...

Jeff Titus was cleared as a suspect in 1990 by police, but a decade later, when the case was reopened, Titus again became a suspect. Titus' defense team hired a private detective to investigate clearing Titus, and the detective, Howard Swabash, didn't do a very good job.

Not only did he fail to contact the police detectives who cleared Titus ten years previously, he also ran away with Titus' now ex-wife.

About three months after his conviction, Titus' wife and the dick visited him in prison in Saginaw. That's when Titus' wife told him she was divorcing him. She then later married the dick.

Like THAT's not suspicious at all.

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