Today, I got to sample some amazing beers at Pike 51 Brewing Company in Hudsonville.  They're part of our 2014 Summer Craft Beer Fest, happening this Saturday at John Ball Park.

If you haven't tried their brews, you owe it to yourself to stop by and do so.  They're very smooth beers, and don't assault you when you drink them, even the ones with higher alcohol content!  I really like how smooth they all are.

First I tried the Sabotage - Milk Stout with Rowster Coffee.  If you like coffee, you're going to LOVE this beer!  It almost doesn't taste like beer, but the best coffee you can get...cold. I don't even drink coffee, and this is really good.

Next up was the Everlasting Light - Pale Lager.  I'm a lager guy, and this one doesn't taste like a "light" beer, and actually has a higher ABV than the next one I tried.  Good beer with sort of a "grapefruit" hint from the hops.

Then I sampled The Shiznit - Belgian Withier!  This one is a little lighter on the ABV, but has a good strong flavor, without losing the smoothness.  It had almost a hint of apple from the hops.

Next up is Marvin's Weizen - Bavarian Hefeweizen.  This one had a little more body, still amazingly smooth, with a little more creamy flavor than The Shiznit or the Everlasting Light.  Very good beer, my number 1 for the day.

Finally, I had to try their Bucky Beer - Homemade Root Beer.  This is a fantastic root beer, that's not super-sweet, but has that perfect root beer flavor and sweetness, but isn't as sweet as those mass-produced bottled root beers.  My favorite root beer, now.

Check out the video for more beer drinking, beer rankings, and mouth aggression...don't ask.