Back in June it was reported that Studio C would be launching a new moviegoer subscription program called C Rewards VIP. However their first letter was somewhat vague, leaving many wondering, what exactly does it include?

Celebration Cinema, Michigan's largest theater company, launched a beta movie and entertainment subscription program open to 5,000 current active rewards members. The program is available across all 12 Michigan Celebration Cinema locations, including the new Studio Park, in downtown Grand Rapids.

The company strategically created the program to sustain longevity despite the recent competition between Netflix, Hulu and now the ever-powerful Disney+.

Here is what the program is offering:

VIP Subscription Service ($19.95/month)

  • 3 unrestricted movie tickets a week, valid for 7 days, including IMAX(r)
  • Exclusive 24hr pre-sale window for Studio Park's Listening Room shows
  • Waived online ticket fees for movie or concert tickets
  • Automatically enrolled in C Rewards program

Will this be enough to pull people from the comfort of their own home? I know it just might get me out, after all... I don't have an IMAX size TV hanging out anywhere and being able to catch 3 movies a week? Sounds like a solid deal.

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