I remember a time when watching movies online or renting them via your cable box had nearly put all movie rental stores out of business. Today, businesses like Netflix, RedBox and even YouTube Red are posing a bit of a threat to movie theaters across the country. It seems people would rather wait to see the movie in their own homes while also paying monthly for the service rather than waiting in a line to be stuffed in what may feel like "a high school auditorium" setting.

In the eyes of studio C, it seems as if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

In a recent newsletter from Celebration Cinema, the company plans to roll out their own type of subscription service in hope to tantalize guests back to the theater. It's called "C Rewards VIP" which is essentially a redesign of their current rewards program.

It is set to launch later this year with a total of 5,000 "beta testing" accounts to be rolled out to test the effectiveness, longevity and just to prove it is a better program that what their competitors have tried out.

"C Rewards VIP allows us to offer a program that provides even more value to our loyal moviegoers,' says JD Loeks, President of Studio C. 'We have been considering a subscription program like this for a while, but we wanted to be sure ours was sustainable. Our company has a reputation for early, smart risks, always with the goal of elevation and sustainability of the theatre experience." says Loeks.

Soooo what exactly can you expect to get for being VIP?

The letter was somewhat vague but it looks like some pretty standard movie perks (maybe a poster or getting in line early) to waiving online fees for concerts at the new Listening Room which is set to also open this fall.

"Our revamped C Rewards program will offer members even more ways to earn and redeem their rewards," says Eric Kuiper, Chief Creative Officer for Studio C. "As our company offers more entertainment and dining experiences, we want our rewards program to grow as well. Considering  the intimate nature of our concert venue, early access to tickets will be a major perk."

If you would like more info on the program or maybe even want to be a beta tester, you can follow this link.

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